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A document-sharing program will allow you to share information—such as bank statements, copies of receipts, invoices, and accounting files—with your clients no matter where you’re working. Bookkeeping has the potential to be a profitable business if you’re able to maintain a solid roster of clients who are willing to pay competitive rates for your services. A typically remote bookkeeper’s salary is just over $55,000 a year, but it’s possible to make much more than that, depending on your clientele and the rates you charge. When planning your marketing strategy, it’s important to think about the message you want to send to prospective clients.

bookkeeping startup

You can personalize your business and grow at your own pace.

  • In fact, an accountant will probably be pretty annoyed with you if you bring them a shoebox full of crumpled paper receipts every year for tax purposes.
  • There are plenty of small business accounting software options available in the market such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, and FreshBooks.
  • The cost of accounting and bookkeeping services can vary widely depending on your location.
  • I’ve seen many thriving bookkeepers use this profile as their only source of new clients, and it’s great because they come to you.
  • In many cases, your bank account and credit card statements should provide sufficient supporting details for the average business expense.

They’ll also take responsibility for any tax filing errors committed while using the product. If you send out recurring invoices, need time tracking capability, or run a subscription model business, FreshBooks could be ideal for you. However, if you’re game, there are times when you should probably handle accounting for your business. Navigating Financial Growth: Leveraging Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Startups If you’re a brand-new business, chances are you don’t have any tax returns yet. However, once you do, those returns must be filed away and kept for at least three years, although it may be a good idea to keep them longer. You’ll also want to keep track of those smaller expenses such as parking fees, postage, printing, and mileage.

Separate Your Business And Personal Accounts

bookkeeping startup

Unless they are a certified public accountant (CPA), bookkeepers should not prepare tax returns or sign the returns as a paid preparer. Bookkeeping involves recording and organizing financial transactions like income and expenses, accounts payable and receivable and bank reconciliations. It’s a critical part of any business, and many small business owners struggle to keep up with it on their own. That’s partly because bookkeeping businesses don’t have a lot of barriers to entry or even a lot of startup costs to worry about. All you really need is some bookkeeping experience, access to accounting software, and a way to market yourself to prospects.

bookkeeping startup

How to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business: Essential Tips

  • This is not recommended for businesses with more than a few expense or income statements to document.
  • BILL also integrates with many of the most popular accounting software providers.
  • Of course, bear in mind that, as a business owner, you’ll need to cover your business costs and pay more taxes.
  • Some CRM systems even offer a customer portal to make it easier for you and your clients to communicate.
  • We’re trusted by thousands of companies because we’ve helped countless startups achieve success.
  • If your clients will be sending you things such as receipts or statements, you might want to consider the tool that you’ll use to share files.

It’s been a leader in the industry for a while, and with good reason – it has a huge number of features available. Yet it’s not just about how good you are at your job and how professional you are. You’ll also find yourself having to prepare general ledgers, or a record of each transaction the company makes – including the date, description, quantity, and price. This is almost always done using online bookkeeping software to make it easier. As a result, a bookkeeping business offers the chance to help your clients grow their businesses by offering them advice as well as getting nerdy with the numbers.

For many people, the idea of working on your own terms to your own schedule while helping clients and earning a great income sounds like a dream come true. Of course, you can’t run a profitable business unless you’re good at what you do, no matter how much potential the industry has. Before you decide to pursue a bookkeeping business, you need to make sure it suits your skillset and strengths. As with most services, the amount you can charge for your bookkeeping business depends on your level of skill and experience. Unlike the other software discussed, Insightly doesn’t directly help with the bookkeeping process – instead, it’s a customer relationship management (CRM) and project management tool.

Step 7: Set Up a Home Office for Your Bookkeeping Business

Business owners alike know that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. There are some things you should consider when thinking about starting your own bookkeeping business. Learn the benefits of starting out on your own small business venture that will encourage you to take that leap. As any entrepreneur can tell you, there are plenty of “well-meaning” friends and family who will worry about your choices.

bookkeeping startup

Starting a Bookkeeping Business FAQs

That kind of consistency — paired with it’s first-rate functionality — make Pabbly a solid option. Melio has no subscription or monthly fees, and while it’s mostly free to use, some transactions do carry a small charge. This website is an independent, advertising-supported comparison service. We want to help you make personal finance decisions with confidence by providing you with free interactive tools, helpful data points, and by publishing original and objective content. Enroll in this free webinar to get the exact step-by-step process on how to generate more income and live the life you actually want. At first glance, Xero seems cheaper overall than QuickBooks, but that’s because their cheapest plan is very limited.

  • And, of course, your rate isn’t fixed — you can always change it if you feel like you’re not priced correctly.
  • The bookkeeper enters relevant data such as date, price, quantity and sales tax (if applicable).
  • Beyond its first-rate suite of capabilities, the program sets itself apart with elements like receipt capture and 24/7 chat support.
  • In many instances, an accountant prepares the initial chart, and the bookkeeper references it while recording transactions.

The reason is that there are relatively low barriers to entry and with minimum startup costs, you can start this business. It’s a path that demands not only innovative business ideas but also a thorough understanding of different organizational firms. You discovered why starting a bookkeeping business could be one of the best decisions of your life. Be sure that when starting a bookkeeping business with QuickBooks, you use QuickBooks Online; not QuickBooks Desktop.

How a Bookkeeper Is Different Than an Accountant

Tracking business expenses properly will make sure that your year-end deductions are accurate and that you have the documentation to prove it. Startup accounting is an incredibly valuable, but tedious, aspect of running a startup. While the value gained by effective startup accounting is indisputable, knowing where to start can be a roadblock. We work hard to share thorough research and our honest experience with products and brands. Of course, personal finance is personal so one person’s experience may differ from someone else’s, and estimates based on past performance do not guarantee future results.

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